Team CBR


Empowering persons with disabilities to live healthy life, achieving their maximal functional potential in mobility, self-care, and vocation and live a life of dignity.


  1. PwDs access comprehensive health care at affordable cost and improving their maximal potential in mobility and self-care
  2. Children with disabilities (6-18) year old have learning opportunities and enhance their academics, behavioural, communication, fine/gross motor skills and activities of daily living.
  3. Disabled People Groups (DPGs) leaders are empowered and work towards addressing their own common issues.


  • Early identification and intervention with children identified in the hospital and communities.
  • Providing Hospital and community based therapy to the children identified with disabilities through the early intervention.
  • Provide Aids and Appliances and home modifications, at affordable cost.
  • Run learning centers within the communities for children with disabilities.
  • Promote and facilitate children with disabilities into regular local school.
  • Organizing meetings for people with Spinal Cord injuries and motivate them for sustainable livelihoods.
  • Networking with Govt. and NGOs, to provide services for people with disabilities.
  • Empower and build capacities of Disabled People Organization leaders, so that people with disabilities could identify their own common issues and solve them.


  • 83 People with Disabilities availed medical and rehabilitation services.
  • 43 People with Disabilities received Aids and Appliance (wheelchair and others) and improved their mobility.
  • 40 Children with Disabilities were enrolled in private tuition centres, and continued their studies in the lockdown period.
  • 17 People with Disabilities received support to start small income generation programs which enabled them to meet their daily necessities.
  • 113 People with Disabilities were linked with Government schemes (Medical certificate, Bihar State Disabilities Pension Scheme, Public Distribution System (Ration Card) and Job card.


Shyam Babu Sah is a 40 year old from Dhupatola Bairiya Birt village, Raxaul.
He worked as a daily wage earner and was also the key bread earner of the family.

On a fateful day his left arm was cut off in an accident.

Thereafter, he was unable to find a suitable work and remained jobless, which
really affected his family’s financial condition. So his wife started earning by
doing household work in other people’s house for cleaning and fulfill the
family’s needs.

When Covid struck she lost her job due to covid-19 pandemic lockdown and it
became very difficult to manage family’s daily needs.

After knowing the problem of this family, CBR project, decided to provide them
a buffalo to rear. He was also linked to the Duncan Hospital’s mess to provide milk. So now they are able to earn well and are very well able to manage family’s daily necessities. Both husband and wife take care of buffalo and they are very grateful for this great support in the time of extreme difficulty.