Vision, mission & core values

Our vision

In step with the Master

our mission

The Duncan Hospital is part of a fellowship of individuals and institutions that exists to transform communities through caring, with primary emphasis on the poor and marginalized.

We care through

  • Provision of appropriate health care
  • Empowering communities through health and development programs
  • Spiritual ministries
  • Leadership development
  • We serve people and communities regardless of race, caste, creed or religion with a geographical focus on East & West Champaran districts of Bihar and Bara & Parsa districts of Nepal. We do this in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ so as to manifest Him through word and deed.

core values

  • We strive to be transformed people and fellowships
  • Our model is servant leadership
  • We value teamwork
  • We exist for others, especially the poor and marginalized
  • We strive for the highest possible quality in all our services
  • We maintain integrity at all levels
  • We strive to be transparent organization
  • We focus on accountability

our history

Dr. Cecil Duncan
Founder : The Duncan Hospital

The Duncan Hospital, named after its founder missionary Dr. Cecil Duncan, a Scottish Surgeon, was strategically located to serve both the populations of Nepal & Northern Bihar (India). Initially, it was a clinic run by Dr. Duncan but it soon developed into a 30 bedded hospital in the year 1930. To the North lay the mountainous land of Nepal, a land whose doors were closed for a long time to the message of Jesus Christ. To the east, west and south stretched the great plains of Bihar, one of the most ensely populated and disadvantaged areas of India. Over the years owing to the Grace of God this 30 bedded hospital developed to a 175 bedded affiliated with the Regions Beyond Missionary Union (RBMU, UK). Progressively widening its range of treatment and specialties, it admirably blended between the two diverse and challenging cultures.

Miss Ruth Horne responded to the need of an Administrator to put administrative systems into places and joined in the year 1936. Since the hospital re-opened in 1948, Miss Amy Mc Burney was responsible for the outreach work since then. On 3rd March 1974, the RBMU handed over the management of the hospital to The Emmanuel Hospital Association under which it continues to function. Since then, the hospital has continued in its path of service and growth a testimony to His enduring grace and faithfulness. From the very small beginnings, many have played a part in building up the Duncan. Following their God given Vision these men and women of God helped improve the standards in every department while continuing to witness for our Lord Jesus Christ. We pay our tributes to all those who were faithful and committed until the end!

 In 1941 Dr. Duncan left the hospital on being conscripted to the Army Medical Corps during the Second World War. Unfortunately was unable to return to serve the people he loved and in the year 1984 God called Him home. For seven years from 1941, the hospital was remained closed, due to lack of medical personnel. But in 1947 a new chapter opened with the arrival of an Irish couple: Dr. Trevor Strong and his wife Dr. Patricia Strong. The hospital soon regained momentum, its services diversified and infrastructure expanded.

They were closely followed by the arrival of Dr. Keith and Mrs. Marion Sanders. Dr. Sanders became widely acknowledged for his novel management of tetanus and gained much acclaim in the medical world. Drs. Matthew and Joanna Peacock from UK also made valuable contributions during their services from 1964 to 1974.