PSH Quiz

* Once the quiz started, user has 30 minutes to complete this quiz.
* Quiz will be closed and submitted automatically after 30 minutes, if left unattended.
* This is a MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) quiz which contains 12 questions.
* Please select your answer carefully before pressing the “next” button. After hitting the “next” button, can not go back to the previous question.
* Each question requires at least one answer to move to the next question.
* Please click once to select and twice to deselect the answer.
* Minimum passing score for this quiz is 80%, means at-least 10 out of 12 answers should be correct.
* After successfully passing the quiz, user can download a certificate of achievement from result page, however, the same certificate will be delivered to your registered e-mail id too.
* After submitting, a result with your selected answers will appear along with the marks scored.
* Quiz can be switched to full-screen by pressing the button at the top-right corner of the quiz.

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